holy wholesale!

oh my gosh i am so excited!!

i finally got on the ball, made up a price list, an order form, and called a couple of local businesses to see if they wanted to sell my products in their stores.


it took me forever. i had had a lovely chat with the owner of pixi chix, a cute boutique located in the gateway mall here in lincoln, last month at the farmer's market. she said she would like to sell some of my things in her store, and i said, sure, i'll stop by soon.

a month and a half later, i stopped by.

fortunately for me shawn is a lovely lady, and was still excited to see me walk through her door.

so..... they placed my first order!!! i now have two weeks to make 18 onesies and 6 baby caps for them. hooray! can't wait to start! if those sell well, there will be more sale orders to fill in the future.

so stop by the mall, all you lincolnites, and visit pixi chix!

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