paper cloud

thanks to ariana of paper cloud for writing to tell me about their new spring line. it's adorable!! i love all their products, but these new patterns really add to their collection. so springy!

the timing is perfect for me, as spring has certainly sprung in the desert. the orange and lemon blossoms smell heavenly right now!

and as if their products weren't fabulous enough, paper cloud is eco-friendly! they only use all-natural materials, and everything is handmade. so go check them out!

find a previous post on paper cloud here.

Museum of Craft and Folk Art

a little follow up...

after posting about tomoko murayama today, i got a note from the buyer of the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, where tomoko is represented.

Did you know such a thing exists? no? neither had i, and what a shame! check out the website. i just spent a good chunk of time browsing, and i think i want to go to san francisco to pay them a visit! it just looks so amazing.

here's what kpoene', the museum's buyer, told me:

"In addition to Tomoko Murayama, we also have Yeh-Wen Chang, a jeweler who makes gorgeous reconstructed vintage pieces (she was one of Etsy's Weekend Picks last week), Katy Kristin Bowen, who makes felted necklaces, plushies, and drawings on driftwood, Mati Rose McDonaugh, a painter and printmaker of whimsical animal scenes who has been featured in numerous shows at galleries including Rare Device and who won Fred Flare's "Next Big Thing" contest for her Enormous Tiny Series in 2008. We also carry Loreto Aromatica, the delicious handmade perfumes of Loreto Remsing, a San Francisco perfumer who blends all of her scents in her kitchen from organic flowers and perfume oils.

We have a great mix of "traditional" and contemporary handmade goods and I work directly with all of our artists, many of whom have never sold before and are only carried in our store."

sounds amazing. if you're in the area, be sure to check it out!

tomoko maruyama

the introductions keep coming in! tomoko maruyama wrote me to tell me about her new line of greeting cards. and boy are they adorable! there are lots of occasions and designs to choose from, so i'm sure you can find something you just have to have!



i got a note from lyndsay of louloubell telling me about her lovely goodies. she said she is a fan of fabulous fabulous, and when i checked the archives, i discovered that i was already a fan of louloubell too! check out her shop for adorable zipper pouches, as well as her fab blog. congrats on the little peanut lyndsay, and good luck!


a hike

i went on a wildflower photo safari this weekend. it was a glorious (read: hot) day in phoenix, and i and a few friends headed out to a nearby lake to see the spring flowers.

we didn't find too many flowers.

the hike was lovely (lovely, but hot - and i don't mean to complain, but really, it's march! it should not be hot.)

anywho, nice hike, no flowers. we decided to call it a day and head back to town for some ice cream (frozen yogurt mom, i was thinking of the dress, don't worry!). on the way out, voila! a lovely bed of wildflowers we found. enjoy!

hello, it's so nice to meet you (part one)

awhile back, i posted a little note on the side of my blog. do you see it? just over there to the right? did you find it? oh, good.

the little note asked if any of you creative creators out there would care to be featured on fabulous fabulous. and guess what? some of you do! i am a little slow to get started with the features, but better late than never, right?

so here's the first of three, and i hope many more!

gina over at the 6 o'clock stitch has adorable things for the wee ones, and for mom as well! i wish i'd had that notecard holder in college. i would have been the cutest girl at the library.

also check out her fabulous blog. she has a feature on inspiring creative spaces that certainly has me inspired!

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