fabulous idea

unfortunately, it's not mine.

jessica over at how about orange posted this great and easy tutorial for making cute cozies for not so cute vases. add changeable pattern and color to otherwise boring glass!


dk designs

holy crap, look at these flowers by dk designs. at first glance, would you say they look real? i sure did.

nope. they're made from clay! ClayCraft soft clay by DECO to be exact. i'm not sure what that is, but it sure makes lifelike flowers! beautiful!

love the peonies...

check out her website. i am AMAZED. amazed.

i may have to have these gardenias for my wedding. no need to worry about the flowers browning!


another update?!?!

so sorry to inundate you will all these updates, but i have been a crafting fool this week!

a lovely friend of mine requested a special onesie (of the golden gate bridge) for her boyfriend's soon-to-be niece. i was more than happy to oblige! once i made that stamp, i just couldn't stop!

more pillows

two new pillow slips in the shop today!


shop update!

i have another shop update to tell you about. i've made some new pillow slips and a tote. hope you like them!


shop update!

i've come up with a new design for my iPod cozies. this one will also fit an iPhone.

check them out in my shop!


winner's prize

my mom wanted to know what the winner of my 200th post contest would be receiving in her mailbox.

sorry to spoil the surprise, alex!

i've made a couple of these little soft fold-over bags. i'm thinking of putting them in my shop...

wanted: new chair

so my mom and i found this really sweet chair at the goodwill for $30 a couple of years ago. it's a gorgeous mustard yellow, and has the texture of raw silk. i love it, but it had a run-in with a sweet little dog that i rescued and let live at my house for a couple of weeks. see for yourself:

mr. m hates the chair (i think it has little to do with the chew marks) and, while i love it, i think we could stand to get a new one.

i'd gladly take one from spruce home. gorgeous!


and the winner is...

with the aid of a random number generator (it picked #8), in the order the comments were submitted, the winner is alixandrrraaa!

congrats! send me an email with your contact info, and your prize will soon be on it's way to you!


gleena shop

don't forget to leave a comment to win a little prize! you still have a few hours!

i really do miss pottery, but i think it would be a long time before i were able to create things as beautiful as those found in gleenashop. so lovely!



i'm loving the biology-inspired goodies from seapod. that's some fancy free-form embroidery!


200th post! and a giveaway!

UPDATE: i'll draw a winner on friday (july 11), so keep posting your comments!

oh my goodness, my 200th post.

to be honest, when i started this little blog, i didn't think i would actually take it seriously and keep posting.

and here we are.

i hope you have enjoyed reading my ramblings, and please, keep coming back!

in honor of you, the reader, on this my 200th post, i would like to offer a giveaway. if you would like to receive a little something nice in the mail, please leave me a comment, and i will draw a random winner. i am so excited to give away a prize! woo hoo!

for today's regularly scheduled post, i give to you the lovely enamel jewelry of mark poulin. so adorable!

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