love birds

almost v-day! in case you need something for the one you love...

zephyr woods: part of the proceeds go to helping entrepreneurs around the world.

a lovely card from three wheels design.

sanctum design studio: love it!

oh my. geninne, i'm in love. with all your birdies.

a box for sweet treats from bric-a-brac-a.



i'm so excited!

love this shirt from satisfactory.

a way cool poster by mir's design.

another cool poster by gemini studio.

love this necklace from brookadelphia.

need a commemorative purse? check out this one by armando javier design.


paige russell

i am loving the pottery lately. and i especially love the variety you get in paige russell's shop. fabulous!

via paper n stitch


black and white for your home

i guess i'm in a black and white kind of mood today!

tansy & co's lovely coasters.

love this lightbox idea by munstre.

love this pillow by kayla brianne sheeley.

wow. what show pieces, especially if you have a couch like that. prints by fly with me.

adorable wall plates from one of my favorite etsy ceramicists, bailey doesn't bark.


jill rosenwald

holy gorgeous pottery. i. want. it. all. the colors are just so me! and, she's a jill. i'm sure that's why jill rosenwald's pottery is so fabulous!

blue moss

i was researching, rather, googling, earth friendly ways to clean our dirty, stinky oven, so i was in the green mode when i saw these lovelies on etsy. blue moss makes pretty repurposed jewelry. i just love how she groups her vintage goodies.


new site!

oh my, where have i been? i'm here, i promise! and i'll be back to updating now, too! did you miss me? i missed you! i hope you had a magical holiday season.

and now that you're back to the daily grind, here's something to keep you entertained at work, if but for a few minutes.

McNamara Media has a new website! it's the same web address, but a better site. for those of you saying mcnamara what?, this is my and mr. m's site, where we post all the pretty pictures we take as part of our real jobs as photographers.

check it out, and let me know what you think!

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