the most wonderful time of the year...

is not here yet, but you may as well start getting ready, as it is inevitable.

to prep you for holiday cheer, i'll do a post once a week with inspiring holiday goodies.

god knows i need help getting in the mood (holiday-wise) because it's still sunny and in the 80s here in the desert. not so much the weather i am used to this time of year.

so let's help each other. please let me know if you've found any wonderful holiday treats you can't live without!

week 1: ornaments

love the colors and beading on these candy cane ornaments from michima.

the simplicity of this one from paloma's nest is wonderful.

wouldn't this little bird by rosybird look adorable on any tree?

equally adorable is this collection of critters by skunkboy creatures. so cute!


i voted!

mr. m and i got up at 5 am to vote. we saw a lot of people out as we were walking to our polling station, and, even though we got there at 5:45, there we already about 50 people in line. no one seemed to mind the wait. it was really exciting to see so many people out voting.

so go do your civic duty!

john mccain was scheduled to vote at our polling place later in the day. i guess my vote was going to cancel his out.



hey there all my american readers. i'm writing to ask you to please get out and vote tomorrow. vote for whomever you want, but please, just vote. it's your right as a citizen!

and don't forget to fill out your entire ballot. there are lots of important ballot initiatives out there this election. find out more about the initiatives in your state here.

if you don't know where your polling station is, try these suggestions for finding it.

while you get to choose who you vote for, here's my suggestion:


a new blog!

check out our new blog for mcnamara media.

we'll post new work here first, so check back often!

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