new laptop cozy

both of my sisters got laptop cozies from me for christmas because they both have new laptops. i'm sure they were so surprised when they opened their gifts!

i designed this one for my youngest sister, who is obsessed with chocolate brown and blue. apparently i am obsessed with little birdies, as i seem to put them on everything now. oh well. they are so cute!



purse lust

i think i'm craving a new handbag. check out this lovely collection, all on my want list!

this pretty clutch is by LouLouBell.

uniques makes gorgeous upcycled bags. she says "Upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value." hooray!

pocket carnival makes super cute clutches and coin purses.

anisa of makool has opened an etsy shop, and has some adorable bags for sale.

she also has some gorgeous, unique bags on the makool site.

i LOVE this polka dot clutch by luii. (polka dots, lobo!) she also has a lovely blog.

enju modern & handmade has some fun bags. i recognize that fabric!

i love this clutch by the lonely octopus. it's made of paper and vinyl! cute!


christmas loot

i had a rather successful haul this christmas, from a crafty perspective.

my lovely cousin kelli and her new (and great!) husband nick got me amy butler's fabulous in stitches book. there are some super great projects in it that i can't wait to try.

my grandpa (via my mom) gave me a neat felting book by gillian harris, complete feltmaking. i have wanted to try this, and now i'll know how!

my aunt teri mailed me (from florida) jenny hart's book, sublime stitching. i can't wait to lean to properly embroider! (i've been making it up so far...)

my baby sister, knowing all about my love affair with etsy, gave me some gorgeous fabrics. i'll have to think of something special to make with them. thanks lobo!

(from left: katrina kaye, pinkalmond supplies, and karaku tokyo)

those things are all so lovely, thank you so much everyone!

BUT, are you ready for the piece de resistance (from mom and dad)?


holy crapola! a computerized sewing machine! i had to get out the instruction manual just to load the bobbin and top thread. it may take some getting used to, but i think i may grow to like this machine.

i was a little torn, and still am, about getting a new machine, because the one i was working on was my grandmother's, who i never got a chance to know as she died right after i was born. i think i will still use the old machine (after it has a much needed tune-up) but will keep the new one too, for more precision work.

thanks mom and dad! you're the best!


shop sale!

i'm offering a sale on the (few) holiday items in my shop. check it out!

sugarloop and a painted room

mr. m and i finally got the office in our house painted. it looks so good! it's a lovely warm gray, and we put up some pictures, including work by sugarloop.

i have had these little prints (which i love!) for awhile now, but i wanted to wait to put them up until the office was painted. a year after purchasing my house, the room is finished!

don't the prints look fabulous next to my sewing table? hooray!

be sure to check out all of sugarloop's gorgeous prints. i would buy one of each she produces if i could...

p.s. - the reason the room finally got it's makeover is because i have put my house on the market. i am moving to phoenix (as soon as the house sells)!! i am super excited, a lot nervous, and ready to go. mr. m moves first to start his new job, so i have to do the house selling myself. if you know anyone in the market for a lovely old house in a great neighborhood in lincoln, ne., let me know!


holiday cheer

i just wanted to give all my lovely readers a big thanks, and say happy holidays! knowing people read my blog makes posting so much more fun!

hope you get lots to eat, and just the presents you asked for.

cheers to you!

p.s. - the lovely card you see is by empty george.

p.p.s. - remember the sexy turkey hat? check out this gem.


for the new year

mr. m says it is not even christmas yet and i shouldn't be talking about the new year, but if you want to have a fashionable calendar on your desk when you return to work, you need to order now!

here's a list of some truly lovely calendars.


cindy jaswal of cedarseven

don't press me (an omaha etsian!)

joom also has lovely pillows

linda and harriett (check out their cute piggy pattern!)

sure as blue's lovely objectification calendar

i love all of susy jack's work!

vanessa kimball has lots of lovely paper goods. (and a lovely blog!)


shop local!

etsy has a great feature up for the holidays (and after, i hope!). they ingeniously are giving shoppers the ability to view etsy sellers in their area, so they can pick up last minute gifts.

lovely idea.

i found some shops in lincoln and omaha that i love, and may have to contact for some last minute shopping, as i still have not made any of my gifts. ahhh!

honeysuckle of omaha makes really cool lamps from vintage slides. as a photographer, i love this idea!

we may as well stick with pictures for a minute, because fiery eyed photography of omaha has lovely holiday photo cards.

jenny hofer designs out of omaha makes super cute wallets.

elisabeth space
of omaha makes gorgeous jewelry.

decidious soul of omaha also makes fabulous jewelry.

i have long admired the work of lincolnite aorta. super cool!

turns out that aorta's creator is multi-talented. she also sells delicious vintage jewelry through the shop automaton. color me impressed!

i always knew my towns were super talented! hooray nebraska!


link love!

i've added some new links to the list of links i love.

check them out!

business cards!

so i am a terrible person.

my lovely friend christopher has the most fabulous letterpress business here in lincoln, porridge papers. they make all kinds of super sweet cards and do a lot of cutom printing work.

i talked christopher into printing up some yummy business cards for me, and he did a lovely job. i told him i would post about them on my blog, and, a few weeks later, i have yet to do it.

so i am now!

aren't they gorgeous? i sent them out with all my recent orders.
christopher also has an etsy shop, but he doesn't keep it very well stocked (tsk tsk!), so if you are in lincoln you should stop by his brick and mortar shop. it's on 14th(ish) and south streets.

amy carol gift tags

i love amy carol! i have her book and i read her blog, angry chicken. she does such great stuff, so i wasn't surprised when i loved these gift tags she posted on her site. she even included a pdf so you can print them out and put them on all your holiday gifts!

so hilarious!

hint - click on the picture to see it larger!



i am so sad it is too late to ship things before the holidays, because i love the gift tags by elfrida.

here's what she says about them:

"Each pattern has been painstakingly designed by myself with love. With each design, I try to make each a unique piece, giving itself its own character. These tags are truly unique, requiring layers and layers to make."



in my backyard

in my backyard makes really gorgeous things. i especially love the hand painted pins (since i am currently obsessed with brooches) and her scarves. so pretty!

she also makes "patches and pins, pendants and scarves, magnets and gocco prints, and other lovely things, all handmade in a little old cottage with a big garden in New Zealand."

sounds lovely!



udder makes really adorably whimsical critters. i would love to give one a home. so cute!

she also has a great blog!

brooch, part 2

here's the brooch i forgot yesterday! it, too is up in my shop.

i hope your holiday preparations are going well. i have not made one single gift yet. am i in trouble?

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