shop local!

etsy has a great feature up for the holidays (and after, i hope!). they ingeniously are giving shoppers the ability to view etsy sellers in their area, so they can pick up last minute gifts.

lovely idea.

i found some shops in lincoln and omaha that i love, and may have to contact for some last minute shopping, as i still have not made any of my gifts. ahhh!

honeysuckle of omaha makes really cool lamps from vintage slides. as a photographer, i love this idea!

we may as well stick with pictures for a minute, because fiery eyed photography of omaha has lovely holiday photo cards.

jenny hofer designs out of omaha makes super cute wallets.

elisabeth space
of omaha makes gorgeous jewelry.

decidious soul of omaha also makes fabulous jewelry.

i have long admired the work of lincolnite aorta. super cool!

turns out that aorta's creator is multi-talented. she also sells delicious vintage jewelry through the shop automaton. color me impressed!

i always knew my towns were super talented! hooray nebraska!


hello,my name is jessica. said...

hooray nebraska, indeed!
thank you so much for including me with these other great locals!
ps- grab a copy of todays reader. :)

Jenny said...

Yes, thank you from me as well! What a cool thing from Etsy - buy handmade, and buy local as well!


jill said...

you're welcome jessica, and thanks for the tip! i'll try to find one.

you're very welcome jenny! etsy, how do i love thee? let me count the ways...

Lincoln Writer said...

cool stuff, esp. the lamp ... but your stuff's the coolest!

Honeysuckle said...

Hi Jill,

You are so sweet and thanks for the blog spot!

Glad you like my shades,

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