go green!

i am all about banning plastic shopping bags. i think nebraska will probably be way behind the curve on that, but my future state (arizona) is considering the law. yeah!

so until plastic bags are banned, let's all do our part and carry cute totes!

i love these by deadworry.

p.s.: i use these.


THE dress

ok, so i know i'm not getting married for a year, but i found THE dress!

i tried lots and lots on, and this one just called to me. it's so lovely!

now, i can't really show you much because mr. m reads this blog, but i'll give you a little sneak peek. (this is all you get for a year, mr.!)


contagious makes the most delicate jewelry. i love understated, beautiful things, especially those tiny rings!


little odd forest

little odd forest has such a wide variety of completely adorable things in their shop. cute cute cute!


a summer dress, should summer ever arrive

opps. sorry for the inadvertent absence. i guess i just didn't feel much like blogging. (blasphemy!)

don't worry, i kept busy, primarily asking myself these questions: why do i enjoy torturing myself with patterns, and why do i start complicated projects at eight o'clock at night?

hmmm... 'cause i'm crazy?

while i had a bit of trouble (not enought fabric after i cut the first piece wrong. crap! i had to improvise after that) i really like how my dress turned out. i had to tweak it a bit (added the belt, scrunched the neckline) but it was, in the end, a fun endeavor.

what do you think? i think i'm ready for a summer party! now if only it wasn't 40 degrees today...

notice the red panel in the back? yeah, that's because i ran out of the dot fabric, because i did not check my pattern placement close enough. oops! (i like it better this way.)


joshua stone

i'm loving these industrial felt coasters by joshua stone.

industrial felt.

it just sounds cool.

check out some other industrial felt i previously blogged about here.


sara paloma

have you seen the prettiness that is sara paloma pottery? no? go have a look! pretty, pretty, pretty.


brag post

i just have to do a little bragging. please indulge me.

when mr. m left me to head west, it was for a job shooting for the arizona republic's magazines in phoenix. he has been doing some really fabulous work lately, and i wanted to share!

check out more here.

manly man

looking for a gift for the man in your life? look no further!

for the suit: a most excellent tie by tieLab.

for the outdoorsman: a cool lumberjack tee by timber.

for the foodie: a goodie box full of delicious spices by purpose design.

for the hipster who loves to decorate: a sweet retro table by lunar lounge design.

for the groomer (mr. m is a groomer): old timey products by portland general store.

for the environmentally conscious coffee drinker: a cup reusable cup cozy by cup kozy. he's not too manly for a cup cozy, is he?


pretty vases

aren't these reef-inspired vases by wise design pretty? i love their organic look. i'll bet they would be stunning lit from within by a candle.

oh, and be sure to check out her website. i just did, and it's way cool, especially the fine art section!


pamela tang

there is something quietly beautiful about the textile work of pamela tang. she does such pretty things with silk.

also check out her pretty website and blog!


wall decals

hi there! just popping in while my lovie makes me some dinner. still on vacation!

i love the idea of wall decals as the "new" wallpaper. they're not permanent, and i think they can give certain rooms that extra pop.

these are some of my favorites!

this vine by elphannie is so pretty!

this design by lewa's designs is so fanciful! love it on that blue wall!

love the colors in this decal by one up designs. i really love the couch, too...

i love the pretty turquoise of this decal by elly nelly.

ok, i know this isn't a wall decal, but how cool would this diver by vital look on the toilet in a really hip apartment?



oh, i forgot to mention i'm back in arizona this weekend. posts may be limited. thanks for your patience!


modern front

if i were fabulously wealthy (something i aspire to be at some point in my life - stop laughing mom) i would plunk down lots of money for a collection of modern front's gorgeously unique furniture.

it's covered in a rubber coating called softskin. soooo cool! i want to touch it!


i (heart) NPR

i love NPR. ask my sisters. they think i'm nerdy. it's about the only kind of radio i'll listen to in the car. i don't care, i'm in love with talk radio! and mr. m, who, incidentally, is the one who tipped me off to this story. how did i miss it?

check out this article on the DIY internet revolution. etsy is mentioned towards the end. did you know some people make $30,000 dollars a year selling their stuff on etsy? and one fabulous person made $125,000. in one year. on etsy. wow. anyone want to hazard a guess as to who this seller is? i have my suspicions...

ooh, i was super close. i knew the black apple and ashley g would have to be in the top 10. check out this list for some of the top sellers. i think the numbers it gives you are just for one year, so go to any of the shops on the list and look at the number of items they have sold. it's mind boggling.


go check out kjoo's shop. she makes gorgeous things from felt and wool, two of my favorite materials! (or are they the same material... hmmm....)

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