Rifle Paper Co.

These Valentine's by Rifle Paper Co. are definitely on the list for next year's Valentine's Day, especially since my go-to Valentine for the last three years is no longer being offered :(


Whisker Graphics

Need a last minute Valentine for your Valentine? Download and print one of these adorable cards from Whisker Graphics. For free!


Hip Hip Hooray!

I love this website. Have you seen it yet? It's full of all kinds of party ideas for your little ones. There are some lucky kiddos out there, with some really creative parents!


Whipped Bakeshop

Need something sweet for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? I think Whipped Bakeshop can help you out with that. Yum.


Tortoise Loves Donkey

I can totally see these concrete succulent planters by Tortoise Loves Donkey on my as yet non-existent patio table. Too cute!


Ice Milk Aprons

Aren't these aprons from Ice Milk Aprons just divine?! They are totally what I envision my life being someday: calm, serene, beautiful and full of baking. And with names like "rollings of cinnamon" and "sugar cone scoops" they just sound delicious! Be sure to check out their blog for delicious heirloom recipes.

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