summer vacation

i know i've only been in phoenix for a little over a month, but i am headed back to omaha tomorrow for a little vacation!

while travel may be a bit more difficult this summer due to insane gas prices, here are some things to take with you if you get to go somewhere fun.

here's to vacation!

use this recycled tote by green couch designs for a stylish carry-on.

keep a travel journal in this notebook by jet set paper.

easily recognize your bag on the conveyor belt with a luggage tag from my cute handbags.

for a lovely smelling suitcase, a lavender sachet from old money.

a passport cover by whimbrella. i really wish i were using my passport this summer.

for a long flight, a sleep mask by bibbon.


sovereign beck

i got an email from ryan and will of sovereign beck their other day. they were writing to tell me about their lovely ties. and lovely they are!

thanks for the heads up guys!


a hat for my head

i don't wear a lot of hats (except ball caps when i go hiking) but if i were to start, i'd certainly buy one from BKM hattitude. so cute!

shop update!

finally, the shop is updated. thank you so much for your patience!


something's hiding in here

no, not in my blog, in the cute shop, something's hiding in here. so quirky. so kitchy. love it!

oh, and i should have a shop update coming soon. mr. m is doing some product shots for me today. yeah!



i love the illustrations by helis, especially the tiny books. wouldn't you love to have one, miz b?


phoenix, etsy style

i've been in my new city for almost a month now, and it's about time for me to start making some connections. i used the lovely shop local feature and found some really cool shops. enjoy!

this glass necklace by starving artist bazaar is so pretty.

love this silhouette by nesta home.

striped babydoll party dress by ouma clothing. very sex and the city.

cool necklaces from wicked minky.

phoenix notecards from jason hill design.


wear no evil

how gorgeous are these hand carved bangles by kath inglis of wear no evil? they look like glass, but are actually flexible PVC. way cool.




loving these silkscreened votive holders by maryink. they would look so cute on my patio, when and if i can afford a table on which to put them...



i have finally gotten back to sewing. yeah! i hope to reopen the shop soon...

moving made me realize just how much fabric i actually have, and it's a lot. i filled four (smallish) boxes with fabric and one with felt, and the new bookshelf i got from ikea is full. (i feel like such the glutton!)

but if i were in the market for new fabric, i would love to get my greedy little hands on the textiles created by pippijoe. gorgeous, and hand screenprinted on hemp. cool!


scabby robot

thanks to etsy's featured seller profile, i (re)found scabby robot, a shop i have had on my favorites list for awhile. they do the most wonderful things with leather (and cotton). the look is so rugged/rustic and simultaneously chic!

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