india y la luna

whew. unpacking your house in two days can be exhausting! add a visit from the sisters, and one is left with little time to blog. sorry!

i'm loving the dainty and pretty rings by india y la luna. so lovely!


lala b.

just a quick post- the truck comes tomorrow! i get to unpack! hooray!

love these koa wood earrings by lala b. this unique wood grows in hawaii.

hawaii. sounds nice. although phoenix wasn't too bad today. it was only 92 degrees. it actually felt quite nice while the wind was blowing.



i'm here! whew, that was a long drive.

i'll be back to regular posts as soon as the truck with all my stuff arrives. hopefully by tuesday?

it's already hot as hell here (record highs! 107!), but there is supposed to be a cool down later this week.

thanks for your patience everyone! i've missed you!!

need a cute bag for the farmer's market season? check out these eco-friendly totes by diengie designs, made from recycled coffee bean bags.


so sorry

oops. i said i wouldn't be absent from the blog while i was packing up my life.

apparently that was a lie. i'm sure you'll forgive me.

as a peace offering, i bring you the work of dalinda, who sells lovely bags in her shop, plonka. aren't the shapes so interesting? i want to become a better sewer so i can create interestingly shaped bags. neat!


where have i been? and deer heads.

where did i go? am i back? i think so.

i went on a little trip to see mr. m for his birthday, right when i accepted an offer on my house.

so i've been a bit busy, as the closing (and cross country move) happens next week.

but it was wrong for me to neglect the blog. so sorry!

as i think about how to decorate the new place, certainly the last thing to enter my mind would be this thought: "i think a deer head would look just lovely above my mantle."

one, i don't have a mantle (you don't really need a fireplace in the desert), and two, yuck! a deer head? eww!


but check these out. ruby's lounge has reinvented the deer head, and made it hip. wouldn't one of these look fabulous above a fireplace, on a white wall?

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