How totally cute are these little dog outfits by Rover?! If we lived in a cooler climate, and my dog didn't give me a look that said "I'm going to kill you in your sleep tonight" whenever I put something cute on him, I would totally get two.

Here's what they have to say about their line: "Taking a refreshing departure from pink ruffles and glittered decals, Rover introduces the new approach to dressing your dog. Classically tailored garments paired with fresh detailing epitomize the Rover style."

Love it!



Someday, when I have a grown-up dining room table, I'm going to have a collection of gorgeous table runners. And I'll start with these by Elkhorn. I think I'll need the pillows, too, for good measure. Oh, and did I mention they're hand printed? Lovely.


Canister labels

UPDATE: The lovely Cathe Holden herself commented on this little post, and had some fabulous advice for using decal paper to get the labels on your canisters. Here's what she said:

"The decal paper is great, it turns your art into decals just like the vintage ones. It's not cheap (mostly because of the shipping), but I bought a booty-load at once for future projects as well. You print, spray with clear acrylic, then trim out, soak a in water for seconds and the decal slides right off for placing on your canister. Everything but the lettering/graphics disappears if you're working with a light colored surface."

Thanks Cathe!

I have these hideous canisters on my counter for flour and sugar. I'm pretty sure I've had them since college. Hideous. I've had my eye on some new ceramic ones at Ikea for awhile, and I've just found the perfect way to dress them up.

Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made has given us the gift of awesome label downloads! She's made one for just about everything you could find in the kitchen, and even has instructions for making them look beautiful on your canisters. Happy downloading!

via How About Orange.


Sharon Montrose

It's decided. When I have my first baby (not anytime soon, sorry momma) I'm decorating the nursery with Sharon Montrose's baby animal prints. The only problem I can foresee with this plan is that the prints might be cuter than the baby...

Check out this video of the shoot she did with the baby giraffe. Cuteness overload!!


Vintage tea cups!

My lovely cousin posted on Facebook the other day that she was having a hard time finding the perfect tea cup. I have no idea if she meant vintage, but I decided to run with it. Here are some pretty ones!

Where to find these cups, clockwise from top left:
Leaning Cedars Vintage
Brecca's Bizaar
Peacock Modern
Beatrice Clay
Nutmeg 'n Sassafras
In Cold Storage


Crystal Jackson

I covet these little linen paintings by Crystal Jackson. They are so the color palette of my life!


To fill a shelf

Here are some knick knacks to fill shelves and tables for your living room, E! Let's go shopping!

You can find all this great stuff on etsy!
Terrarium from Moss Scapes
Little yellow vase from Red Hot Pottery
Colorful bowls from Lynn Cardwell Pottery
Corked jars from Fabulous Mess
Adorable tiny plants from Tortoise Loves Donkey
Blue votives from Firefly Candles
Owl statue from Cinful Oldies
Turquoise clock from Clockwork Universe
Painted candlesticks from The Shabby Chic Cottage
Vintage camera from Remember When Camera


A decorated room

One of my lovely sisters moved to the valley this year (to be closer to me, of course). She got a great apartment on the lake that used to be, with great views of several mountain ranges. It's the inside of her apartment that needs some help. (It's ok, she knows it's true!)

She bought this fabulous chair as her accent piece.

She has a neutral couch that needs some jazzing up, as well as some blank walls. Here are my suggestions for you, E!

Pillows make any dull couch sing. These are from Leah Duncan, Purple Pajamas and Swoon Studio.

These shelving units by Lunar Lounge Design and Cathode Blue are fantastic, and would take up lots of blank and boring wall space.

For the rest of the blank walls, I found these pieces by Callaghan Art Gallery and Beepart.

And for shelves and walls, I love all these little frames from Amye123!
Next post: knick knacks!


Linden Lovebirds - Lovely Accessories

Alas, I haven't bought any new shoes for a very long time (well, pretty girly shoes, that is). I think if I just got some of these clips by Linden Lovebirds I could spruce up my old shoes and be set for another shoe drought!



Working Class Studio

Have you seen the great things that the Working class Studio is making and selling? A product development venture of the Savannah College of Art and Design, the shop promotes the work of students, alumni and faculty. Pretty great stuff, where art meets function! You can buy their goodies online here, or in Phoenix at Le Grande Orange, one of my favorite eating/shopping spots!

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