labor day sales!

happy labor day!

i am certainly not working on this most useless of holidays (mr. m and i are up in show low enjoying blissfully cool temperatures) and i hope you, dear reader, are not either.

since you'll have loads of time to kill while not working, why not spend it shopping? to get you started, i've compiled some great etsy shops who are offering delicious sales for labor day.


this gorgeous bag by sunday afternoon is on clearance! buy it quick!

this pillow by allenbrite is adorable!

love this stamped vintage birdie purse from the vintage closet. so cute!

loving the artwork of lily pang.


skinny laminx

heather moore of skinny laminx has some fabulous new products in her shop.

i don't drink coffee, but i want that mug. and those are my kind of animal prints!



emedemarta has such a lovely shop. it makes me feel all calm and peaceful.

which is not what i felt last night after i cut my hand with a big old knife, passed out and whacked my head on a cupboard handle in the kitchen. have you ever passed out? i hadn't before last night. it is so totally weird. you're out for no more than 30 seconds, but that apparently is enough time to have a strange dream and wake up in a cold sweat. (and your eyes stay open. creepy.)

thankfully, mr. m is an old pro at passing out, and he took good care of me (he broke my fall. thanks!). i'm fine, really, the cut wasn't even that bad. i guess it was the thought of possibly having to go to the hospital and get stitches (which i didn't need). my head hurt more than my hand. needless to say, we had to reschedule our dinner guests to tonight.

so thank you, emedemarta, for a moment of tranquility.



these hand wrapped bracelets by lunaversoul are just fabulous!

it almost makes me want to make my own, but i think i would just rather buy them.



tut tut

love the leather goods by tut tut. i hope they add more to their shop soon!


i have a job!

oh my goodness, can you believe it?

i started my new job today, at the fabulous Domestic Bliss and Blissful Living Studio in downtown mesa. it's really a fantastic shop, and everyone i've met so far has been so kind.

the studio offers a ton of cool classes (check out the calendar and the blog), and hopefully i'll get to teach a couple of classes some day!

thanks for hiring me kristin. day one was great!


shop update!

this little project was totally my mom's idea. and what a great idea it was!

i can't tell you how many times, while getting ready to board an airplane, i have thought that i've misplaced by boarding pass because i've stuck it in a random book or magazine.

problem solved! use this stylish clutch (now in the shop) to organize your travel documents. it has pockets for your boarding passes, your passport, your drivers license and other cards.

i may have to take one to vegas with me on sunday. vegas!!

shim and sons

you must check out shim and sons' beautiful blog. it's full of pretty pictures and loads of their gorgeous work. you can buy it here. isn't it pretty?


painted metal

i love and want a set of these brass patina rings by painted metal.

and these bangles...

and these earrings!


shop update!

i think i must have been bored yesterday, so i got busy crafting! here are my latest creations.

these mini notepads are so cute! great for keeping in the purse.
and customizable!

i had thought about making felt storyboards for a little while, and finally got around to doing it. so fun for a wee one!

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