emedemarta has such a lovely shop. it makes me feel all calm and peaceful.

which is not what i felt last night after i cut my hand with a big old knife, passed out and whacked my head on a cupboard handle in the kitchen. have you ever passed out? i hadn't before last night. it is so totally weird. you're out for no more than 30 seconds, but that apparently is enough time to have a strange dream and wake up in a cold sweat. (and your eyes stay open. creepy.)

thankfully, mr. m is an old pro at passing out, and he took good care of me (he broke my fall. thanks!). i'm fine, really, the cut wasn't even that bad. i guess it was the thought of possibly having to go to the hospital and get stitches (which i didn't need). my head hurt more than my hand. needless to say, we had to reschedule our dinner guests to tonight.

so thank you, emedemarta, for a moment of tranquility.


Lincoln Writer said...

are you kidding? That's scary weird! Hope you're really OK.

Also: No surprise that Mr. Mc is an old pro at passing out.

Bella McBride said...
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Kitty said...

Jillybean!!!!!! OMG I'm glad you're okay! Love Kitty

jill said...

thanks all! no worries, i am just fine. the wound is closing up nicely!

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