loving the work of ninainvorm (nina, from the netherlands), especially her redecorated, screen printed ceramics. so lovely! also, check out her pretty blog!


sale at paper cloud!

here's a heads up: ariana over at the fabulous paper cloud just sent me a note letting me know that, though december 15, they are offering 20% off ALL their products! how great is that! here's to holiday shopping!


etsy favorites: infusion

i have A LOT of etsy shops marked as favorites. 935 shops, to be precise. i thought i'd cull through them to find you some truly spectacular standouts.

your first is infusion, "a line of sustainable, natural and organic bags, shoes and clothing." i'm actually starting to feel chilly here in the desert (it's in the 40s in the morning!), so i loved the cozy look of infusion's beautifully crafted goodies. how cute are those baby shoes!?!

oh, on a side note, congratulations to the fabulous kitty and her lovely husband chris, who welcomed their third boy into the world yesterday. can't wait to meet you, little jack!

paper lovely

bet you thought i'd quit, eh? i kinda thought i had, too. then i got a note from the lovely kim, a girl i went to high school with. a DECADE ago. eee gads, i'm getting old, but looking forward to our 10-year reunion next year!

anywho, kim is a super talented designer, and has taken up a letterpress hobby, a hobby i would also like to try (if i can find an affordable press). her shop is filled with all sorts of little lovelies. please check them out! also spend some time on her charming blog and her design site.

glad to be back!!

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