A decorated room

One of my lovely sisters moved to the valley this year (to be closer to me, of course). She got a great apartment on the lake that used to be, with great views of several mountain ranges. It's the inside of her apartment that needs some help. (It's ok, she knows it's true!)

She bought this fabulous chair as her accent piece.

She has a neutral couch that needs some jazzing up, as well as some blank walls. Here are my suggestions for you, E!

Pillows make any dull couch sing. These are from Leah Duncan, Purple Pajamas and Swoon Studio.

These shelving units by Lunar Lounge Design and Cathode Blue are fantastic, and would take up lots of blank and boring wall space.

For the rest of the blank walls, I found these pieces by Callaghan Art Gallery and Beepart.

And for shelves and walls, I love all these little frames from Amye123!
Next post: knick knacks!


Erin Peitzmeier said...

Lovely stuff! Let's hold a fundraiser to earn money to buy all of these beautiful things for my apartment. Thanks for the ideas JP!

Kim {Paper Lovely} said...

Love these suggestions! Might need to get a few of those frames...love the ornate style and vibrant colors!

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