i'm here! whew, that was a long drive.

i'll be back to regular posts as soon as the truck with all my stuff arrives. hopefully by tuesday?

it's already hot as hell here (record highs! 107!), but there is supposed to be a cool down later this week.

thanks for your patience everyone! i've missed you!!

need a cute bag for the farmer's market season? check out these eco-friendly totes by diengie designs, made from recycled coffee bean bags.


ismoyo said...

Congrats on making your cross country move! And thanks for sharing those lovely eco friendly totes, they look great!

Lauren said...

i miss you already.... see you sunday!!

Heidi said...

hey miss jill ... glad you made it. 107! get some popsicles! really like the new bags posted. keep in touch. toodles.

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