summer vacation

i know i've only been in phoenix for a little over a month, but i am headed back to omaha tomorrow for a little vacation!

while travel may be a bit more difficult this summer due to insane gas prices, here are some things to take with you if you get to go somewhere fun.

here's to vacation!

use this recycled tote by green couch designs for a stylish carry-on.

keep a travel journal in this notebook by jet set paper.

easily recognize your bag on the conveyor belt with a luggage tag from my cute handbags.

for a lovely smelling suitcase, a lavender sachet from old money.

a passport cover by whimbrella. i really wish i were using my passport this summer.

for a long flight, a sleep mask by bibbon.

1 comment:

Krista said...

i wish i was adding stamps to my passport too! those are all lovely finds, especially the sleep mask. (snore).

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