go green!

i am all about banning plastic shopping bags. i think nebraska will probably be way behind the curve on that, but my future state (arizona) is considering the law. yeah!

so until plastic bags are banned, let's all do our part and carry cute totes!

i love these by deadworry.

p.s.: i use these.


catseatsocks said...

One store in my city has gone bagless, but the entire chain hasn't yet (I live in Nova Scotia). I think if it does happen here, it will probably be up to the individual stores.

Lincoln Writer said...

Why not tout your own totes? They're a great size and totally packable ... inside another Fabulous tote, of course!

Cheerup Cherup said...

i've been meaning to buy a grocery tote for so long! and they should definitely ban plastic bags. I don't see why not. its not like grocery stores will lose business!

Rachel said...

I want to do this as well. I just discovered reusablebags.com and I'm thinking of buying some that can fold up into themselves easily. But the ones you posted are so great!! Either way, let's bag the bags!

Jan said...

Don't be so hard on your home state. I use my "green" grocery bags all the time. They are handy for lots of things besides groceries.

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