365 days!

so it's not quite tomorrow yet (two more hours here in the central time zone), but it's close enough.

in 365 days from now, i'll be getting married! i will be on a beach, partying with my loved ones, sipping something tropical, and celebrating my new life with my lovie. i am so excited!

don't worry, this will not become a wedding blog (maybe i'll have to start one...), but i have been thinking about save the date cards lately, although it's still a bit too early to send them out.

that, and i haven't even picked colors yet. oh well. i have a year, right?

here are some lovely ones i found that have helped get the ideas flowing. enjoy!

from cheerup cherup.

from eva paul.

from lucky paperie.

from michelle brusegaard.


lady purple said...

hi ! i'm french and i don't speak english i would like to say hello i am the blog before you ; ihope to understand my language !!! see you later bye!

Sheila Bocchine said...

Congratulations! Where will you be getting married?

My boyfriend and I are wedding photographers in Phoenix! We love it SOOOOO much!

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