i have two houses!

that's right, i am now the proud owner (sort of) of two houses! in two states!

michael gets the keys to our new house in phoenix today, and i have yet to sell my house in nebraska. boo.

if you know someone who is moving to lincoln and wants an adorable house, send them here.

want to see the new house? here you go!

that's a giant palm tree in our front yard!

here's a peek at the living room and kitchen. hello stainless steel!


william said...

I like the curve and counter space.

Krista said...

Yeah! you are almost my neighbor! i hope the nebraska house sells quickly. here's to lots of glasses of wine and wedding plans over that round counter!

Vogue Cigarettes said...

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jill said...

krista- i CANNOT wait for wine (and margaritas!) aroung that counter. hooray for (slightly long-distance)neighbors!

and vogue cigarettes- thank you so much for your very kind words!

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