a summer dress, should summer ever arrive

opps. sorry for the inadvertent absence. i guess i just didn't feel much like blogging. (blasphemy!)

don't worry, i kept busy, primarily asking myself these questions: why do i enjoy torturing myself with patterns, and why do i start complicated projects at eight o'clock at night?

hmmm... 'cause i'm crazy?

while i had a bit of trouble (not enought fabric after i cut the first piece wrong. crap! i had to improvise after that) i really like how my dress turned out. i had to tweak it a bit (added the belt, scrunched the neckline) but it was, in the end, a fun endeavor.

what do you think? i think i'm ready for a summer party! now if only it wasn't 40 degrees today...

notice the red panel in the back? yeah, that's because i ran out of the dot fabric, because i did not check my pattern placement close enough. oops! (i like it better this way.)


Freshly Found said...

I love the red panel. It is always good to have an interesting story in anything you make! The creativity of making the most of a situation!

Lauren said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! you are so creative and awesome!

Emma said...

I LOVE it. Adorable.

jill said...

i'm glad you like the panel, freshly found (and i totally dig your blog!) i think it adds an element of surprise!

thanks for the lovely compliments sis!

thanks you, emma. i'm so glad you like it! like i said, i wasn't sure if i would at first, but i really do now! thanks for the positive reinforcement!

ppdesigns said...

wow!!! i'm amazed at anyone who can make their own clothes! Looks amazing!

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