wall decals

hi there! just popping in while my lovie makes me some dinner. still on vacation!

i love the idea of wall decals as the "new" wallpaper. they're not permanent, and i think they can give certain rooms that extra pop.

these are some of my favorites!

this vine by elphannie is so pretty!

this design by lewa's designs is so fanciful! love it on that blue wall!

love the colors in this decal by one up designs. i really love the couch, too...

i love the pretty turquoise of this decal by elly nelly.

ok, i know this isn't a wall decal, but how cool would this diver by vital look on the toilet in a really hip apartment?


tiaraco said...

Just found your blog - think it ROCKS!

Michael said...

Is those like high class versions of Fathead?

jill said...

sorry, my fiance "are" dumb.

Emma said...

I love your posts. You always find the best stuff!

jill said...

thanks tiaraco and emma! i really appreciate the nice comments!

Sheila Bocchine said...

I love this post so much that I'm bookmarking it! These are fabulous!!!

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