sugarloop and a painted room

mr. m and i finally got the office in our house painted. it looks so good! it's a lovely warm gray, and we put up some pictures, including work by sugarloop.

i have had these little prints (which i love!) for awhile now, but i wanted to wait to put them up until the office was painted. a year after purchasing my house, the room is finished!

don't the prints look fabulous next to my sewing table? hooray!

be sure to check out all of sugarloop's gorgeous prints. i would buy one of each she produces if i could...

p.s. - the reason the room finally got it's makeover is because i have put my house on the market. i am moving to phoenix (as soon as the house sells)!! i am super excited, a lot nervous, and ready to go. mr. m moves first to start his new job, so i have to do the house selling myself. if you know anyone in the market for a lovely old house in a great neighborhood in lincoln, ne., let me know!

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