business cards!

so i am a terrible person.

my lovely friend christopher has the most fabulous letterpress business here in lincoln, porridge papers. they make all kinds of super sweet cards and do a lot of cutom printing work.

i talked christopher into printing up some yummy business cards for me, and he did a lovely job. i told him i would post about them on my blog, and, a few weeks later, i have yet to do it.

so i am now!

aren't they gorgeous? i sent them out with all my recent orders.
christopher also has an etsy shop, but he doesn't keep it very well stocked (tsk tsk!), so if you are in lincoln you should stop by his brick and mortar shop. it's on 14th(ish) and south streets.


suzanne said...

I am in love.... Gosh, I just want to take a bath in your business cards... Hmmm, is this weird?

jill said...

not at all! i'm pretty sure i wanted to do the same thing... christopher is a genius!

khusbhu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Waseem said...

like the idea and all the detailed info..i might need such design when use it for the design of Metal business cards.

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