i voted!

mr. m and i got up at 5 am to vote. we saw a lot of people out as we were walking to our polling station, and, even though we got there at 5:45, there we already about 50 people in line. no one seemed to mind the wait. it was really exciting to see so many people out voting.

so go do your civic duty!

john mccain was scheduled to vote at our polling place later in the day. i guess my vote was going to cancel his out.


Anisa said...

YAY! How exciting to be the one who will cancel out his vote!

E said...


Anonymous said...

i predict many will be canceling out his vote! yippee!

jill said...

thanks guys. it was exciting. as i write this, msnbc called pennsylvania for obama. hooray!

Anonymous said...

Stick to your day job instead of politics. Please. And don't forget that AZ is still a red state. You may want to rethink posting your political babble in the event you alienate someone who might have tossed a little job or two your way. Not such a good idea in today's economy and likely worse in the near future as "the messiah" raises your taxes even higher, you'll be needing the extra income!

jill said...

hi anonymous. thanks for the tip, but seeing as this is MY blog, i'm pretty sure i can say whatever i want. if you would like to speak your mind, i suggest you get your own blog. sorry to say, i probably won't read it. i prefer my blogs and comments to be uplifting and kind. if you don't care for my opinions, please stop reading. and this blog is not my day job. i make plenty of money at my real job.

are you going to go see obama when he comes to our "red state" this week? i might! i think that in times like these, it is best that we all work together to create unity, rather than division.

(mom, is this you? you could have called.) :)

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