Museum of Craft and Folk Art

a little follow up...

after posting about tomoko murayama today, i got a note from the buyer of the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, where tomoko is represented.

Did you know such a thing exists? no? neither had i, and what a shame! check out the website. i just spent a good chunk of time browsing, and i think i want to go to san francisco to pay them a visit! it just looks so amazing.

here's what kpoene', the museum's buyer, told me:

"In addition to Tomoko Murayama, we also have Yeh-Wen Chang, a jeweler who makes gorgeous reconstructed vintage pieces (she was one of Etsy's Weekend Picks last week), Katy Kristin Bowen, who makes felted necklaces, plushies, and drawings on driftwood, Mati Rose McDonaugh, a painter and printmaker of whimsical animal scenes who has been featured in numerous shows at galleries including Rare Device and who won Fred Flare's "Next Big Thing" contest for her Enormous Tiny Series in 2008. We also carry Loreto Aromatica, the delicious handmade perfumes of Loreto Remsing, a San Francisco perfumer who blends all of her scents in her kitchen from organic flowers and perfume oils.

We have a great mix of "traditional" and contemporary handmade goods and I work directly with all of our artists, many of whom have never sold before and are only carried in our store."

sounds amazing. if you're in the area, be sure to check it out!

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Mom said...

How can I find Yeh-Wen Chang in Etsy?

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