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if you're like me and love to entertain (or better yet, have friends who do), the holiday season just around the corner is something you look forward to each year.

now, i have always been of the mindset that showing up at someone's house with the prescribed dish and a bottle of vino is enough to fill my guestly duties. but i think there are some out there who actually bring gifts for the party hostess.


if you fall into that category (tell me, i will invite you over and make you dinner. i have something brewing in my crockpot as i type!), i have found a couple of cute hostess gifts for you.

orange lola is an adorable online shop. they have all kinds of products. browse their site. it's fun!

one of the lines they carry is modern-twist. so cute! here's what they have to say about modern-twist:

"Modern-twist is a collaboration between Kat Nouri and an extremely talented group of independent designers (mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area) who share a passion for clean, minimalist design. The products are interesting to the touch, playful to the eye, and versatile in use. Drawing on the diverse culture of the San Francisco area, some of the designs have been inspired by traditional objects. With a background in U.S. manufacturing, Nouri strives to manufacture Modern-twist products responsibly. U.S. and overseas manufacturers that produce Modern-twist products share our values in respecting the environment, workers and consumers. Modern-twist donates one percent of profits to OnePercentForThePlanet.org."

pretty cool, eh?

the cute products i found for you are new to their line. i am loving the nature trend, and i hope it is not on it's way out anytime soon. these coasters, paired with matching wine tags/napkin rings would just be the perfect hostess gift, don't you think? pair it with a bottle of wine, and you'll be a hit!

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