the start of something inspiring

i stated in my "about me" that i would bring you, my small band of readers, inspiring things from around the web.

so today i'll begin to introduce you to beautiful things that i love, and, if i had money in my perpetually empty bank account, would have to buy.

i'll try to show you a few things each day, culled from the long list of bookmarked shops and blogs i look at frequently.

are you ready? 'cause here we go!

let us begin in scotland, home of papa stour, a unique boutique of an online shop. i love this scarf. so cute! perfect for crisp, cool fall days. the bird pattern is also available on these lovely cushions.

another lovely shop is rock scissor paper. they recently launched their owl shoppe. that's right owl lovers! a shop full of owl stuff! (i have been telling people owls are in for months now).

go check it out!

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