toothy goodness

i was invited to a halloween party last weekend. sadly, my date was out of town, so our britney/k-fed costume idea was a no-go.

in a pinch, i decided it would be easy to go as the tooth fairy. long story short, i made a little tulle skirt, a wand and a stuffed tooth.

the lovely hostess ellen suggested that i sew a little pocket on the tooth and sell it as a tooth fairy pillow. you know, something for a kid to put their lost teeth in until the tooth fairy pays them a visit.

i'm debating putting it up for sale on etsy. what do you think? parents, would your kiddies like to have one of these? let me know! thanks.

i'm still perfecting the wand, but i'm thinking of packaging them together. i'll post that when it's finished!


janpeitz said...

Great idea - I have some ideas for you that I got at Anthropologie this weekend. Call me.

Lincoln Writer said...

If I had kids, I would totally have to have that pillow. Great idea.

Yay for cozy caps!

Miz B

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