holiday vaca!

hello lovely readers! i am about to take off for the holiday. i'm heading for a warmer climate, and just in time! the threat of snow is looming on nebraska's horizon. it will be a shock to come back to 40 degree temperatures, though...
while i'm gone i may try to sneak in a post or two, but in case i don't get to the computer, i've left you with a list i've scoured from etsy's thanksgiving items. (some should give you a little chuckle. check out the sexy turkey hat. you'll thank me.)

enjoy, and happy turkey day to you!

make your own crochet drumstick.

make sure your guests wash their hands.

make and wear a sexy turkey hat. because, really, why not?

refuse to eat turkey, and express this nonverbally to your family.

keep your wee one clean.

give your hostess a card.

keep your clothes clean while cooking (and look super cute!)

1 comment:

Lincoln Writer said...

I would totally wear that hat!

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