holy page views!

as i told you before, i have a stat counter. it lets me know how much traffic my blog is getting, as well as where those hits are coming from.

i check it a lot. if you asked mr. m, he might say i'm a wee bit obsessed.

i'm excited when i get more than 10 hits a day. seventeen is a really good day.

but holy crapola! i checked it today, and this is what i saw:

whoo hoo, 100 unique visitors! granted, most of those people only view the site for a matter of seconds, but for a relatively new blogger, this is so exciting!

i looked at where all these lovely people were coming from, and discovered that one of my favorite sites, whipup, had posted one of my projects on their site yesterday.

thank you so much, whipup! you made my day (week, month, year...).

**update** i had a grand total of 129 unique viewers yesterday. thanks so much for looking!


suzanne said...

Congratulations! I know what an impact it can make to feel as though what you have to say is important and interesting to others....and it definitely is! Just found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it and seeing your picks...

Now, I think it's time to see another link come up on your counter....because I'm adding one :)

Jolie said...

I love, love, love checking my stats. I don't think it's obsessive. I like to call it involved.

I usually average around 20 hits a day. I get super excited when I get 30 hits, although I know it's probably just my family and friends.

You have a great blog!

jill said...

thanks jolie! i'm so glad you like my blog!


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