just start

see that little (actually, i think it's rather big, but that wasn't my doing) green widget on my sidebar? it's not an advertiser, i promise!

i entered a little contest, with a grand prize of a boatload of money and the tools to start up a business.

i suppose it's no secret to those who know me that i dream of one day opening up a shop where i sell lovely, handmade goodies. but to take the leap from journalism to small business owner, i will definitely need some help.

and winning this contest would be just awesome.

so, if it's not too much trouble, and you have a few extra minutes, you can click on the link and read my contest entry. i think you can rate it and leave comments, all of which help get the judges' attention. judging starts on the 16th, so get clicking!

i would be ever so grateful!



Mike said...

Cute photo! Who took that?

Lauren said...

i don't get how to rate you...

jill said...

hmm... i don't really, either. sorry! maybe they just look at how many times it's been viewed... it is a little on the annoying side. thanks for trying, though!

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