i had a tough day at work today (yesterday now).

yesterday afternoon, a 19 year-old man opened fire on a mall in omaha and killed nine people, including himself.

i'm a photographer for the paper in lincoln (a city just down the road from omaha), and i was sent to cover the event.

i'm from omaha.

i called and emailed family and friends to make sure they weren't shopping this afternoon. i haven't heard back from everyone, but i'm fairly confident that all my loved ones are safe.

i grew up in this city. i always felt safe.

it's scary. everyone always says they never expect these kinds of things to happen in their town.

not in my town. i know i've said that.

but yesterday it did.

please remember the families who lost someone in this tragedy. if you're religious, say a prayer. if you're not, please take a moment to reflect. then be sure to kiss your mom, daughter, son, father, husband, wife. . .

for more information, please visit my newspaper's webpage.


suzanne said...

So sorry this tragedy hit so close to home for you. I know how terrifying and deeply saddening this must be.

jill said...

thank you suzanne. i appreciate your sympathies.

fortunately, i did not know any of the victims, but it doesn't make the situation any less scary.

Lili said...

I am in omaha too.

You know as well as I that there is nothing to say. I hope you've heard from your family.

jill said...

i have lili. i hope the same for you.

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