100th post, filled with love!

oh my goodness. i just noticed that today is my 100th post! not too bad for only blogging for three and a half months, huh?

i also noticed the the loved/hated holiday that is valentines day is one month away. if you have someone you love to buy for, or send a note to, this post is for you.

remember, v-day isn't just for lovers, it's for friends and sisters and brothers and dads and moms and grandpas and grandmas too!

citrus tree has a cute puppy love card. who doesn't love the puppy love!

gotta love the pirate. corrabelle makes a cute pirate love card.

love this little owl card by maeve donohue.

you can't go wrong with chocolate. try these chocolatey pretzel goodies from nuts4candy.

french love earrings from picky picky.

i (of course) love these cards by susy jack.

and last, but certainly not my least favorite, is a lovely print from the black apple.


pickypicky said...

Thanks for including my eariings. I am loving the puppy love card and black apple's print so much~!

(p.s wow, 100 entries in 3-1/2 months is amazing-Congrats!)

Rebecca said...

Remind me to show you my wire Amor earrings from Mexico ... I think they'd inspire all kinds of ideas!

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