i miss you

mr. m left me this morning for phoenix. don't worry, i'll soon follow him (as soon as the house sells), but i am very sad today.

i miss you already my love!

in honor of my sadness at the separation, i culled etsy for some i miss you notes.

for the one you miss...

rar rar press has a couple of lovely i miss you cards. i love this one.

this is a pretty one from sapling press.

this one is so cute! by witty workshop.

see you soon love.


Valerie said...

Thanks for blogging about my card :) I Miss you cards are bitter-sweet, don't you think?

Christopher said...

if you get lonely you should come over for a ddr party! that nice card from sapling press use some of that fantastic paper from porridge papers!

jill said...

thanks all!

Mike said...

Wow, a post dedicated to me!

I miss you too love.

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