mobile post 1

i spend entirely too much time sitting on my couch. which, while i'm working on my mobile, i have decided is a perfectly acceptable way to spend my time.

i started stringing up my mobile for meg of elsie marley's mobile swap today, and i'm really excited with the way i think it's going to turn out. my only concern is with the physical structure it will hang from, but i made a sketch, have an idea, and will try to make it work! (i'm channeling tim gunn here)

here's the beginning of one of the strands. i think i'll have five total; four like this around a central strand that looks a bit different. recognize my choice of materials? felt, of course!

this piece anchors the middle strand. i broke into my stash of fabric from kirin & co, which i've been waiting to use it for something special!

check back for more updates!

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