mobile swap

i am super excited. i signed up for my first swap! and it's a mobile swap, hosted by the lovely meg of elsie marley. how cool!

i told the maker of my mobile i would like something i can hang up outside when i move to phoenix. the person i'm making one for wants earthy colors. perfect! my favorite kind of colors!

i think i am going to get started on it tonight. i have about a month before i have to ship it off, but i have a tendency to procrastinate, and i want this project to be just perfect!

i'll update with photos as i work, but to see more photos from the other mobile makers (over a hundred - wow!) check out the flickr site meg has set up.

to get ideas and inspiration, i checked out etsy to see what other mobile makers are making. enjoy!

love the glass circles by leah pelligrini. my mobile will definitely not be made of glass. probably fabric. surprise surprise.

how cute is this rain cloud mobile by little green frog!

i love the shapes in this mobile by puka puka.

another cool circle mobile, this one by quilt baby.

and i am IN LOVE with every single mobile by spin designs. IN LOVE. i may have to have one...

ok, i'm all full of inspiration now. here i go, wish me luck!


Shirley said...

Thank you Jill, Good luck with your mobile, I'm sure it will be lovely!

Lincoln Writer said...

I'm seeing something in felt ... ;-)

jill said...

oh becki, you know me so well!

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