new bag (just for me!)

i was bored and lonely on sunday (miss you mr. m!), so to get myself out of a state of lethargic apathy, i decided to undertake a new project. i flipped through my books looking for something i could accomplish in one afternoon, and settled on a lovely bag out of lotta jansdotter's book, simple sewing.

it was a task, but i did it. i measured properly and followed all the directions, and it turned out really well! she recommended using canvas, but i thought a heavy cotton would work just fine. it did, but i wish it were a bit more sturdy. oh well, it's still lovely!

please pardon the crappy pictures, but after i finished sewing i had to deep clean my house for a couple of showings today. cross your fingers!

i had to write on all the pieces, or i sould have gone insane. there were a lot of pieces!

i used a springy green linen for the liner. maybe if this were a heavier fabric the bag would have more shape... god, that picture is terrible.

and voila! it has a cool pocket on the front for a newspaper or magazine and a pocket on the side for a water bottle. in the picture in the book, she had a cool SIGG water bottle. i might have to get one, it would fit just perfectly! do you use the one i got you for your birthday, e? no? can i have it? thanks!


Lincoln Writer said...

yay for you for doing something for yourself! but, yeah, I'm gonna need one of those ...

jill said...

sure! give me a week to recover from my project craziness, and i'll be happy to make you one!

Lauren said...

i also must have one of these bags aSap!

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