project crazy

i am a nut. i went to the fabric store yesterday to get a little piece of felt for a laptop cozy order, and walked out with two yards of lovely green linen and a skirt pattern.

a skirt, as in real clothing. with a zipper.

this was my first zipper, and it didn't go very well. it probably didn't help that i was installing the zipper at 1 a.m.

anywho, i got it done! in one night! i think i just needed a touch of spring. i'll take it with me when i go to visit mr. m. in phoenix.

for my first article of clothing and zipper, i'm pretty impressed with myself. it's totally wearable!

i think i'm going to embellish it with yo yo's from this tutorial from heather bailey.

now if only it weren't 30 degrees and snowing...

i wish it were a little longer. the pattern was for a five foot six person, and seeing as i am six feet tall, i should have lengthened it, but i was scared of messing with the pattern. oh well!

check out that zipper. yuck!

i'll just have to wear a long shirt to cover up the uneveness. oops!

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Samantha said...

hey! it's sam. and OHMYGOD if that's the ONLY freeeeaking thing you've got to complain about with this AWESOMEAMAZINGWONDERFUL skirt then you should just SHUTUP!

btw... i hate zippers. i'm terrified of them acutally and i have one that needs fixing... wanna help me?

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