hey all. i'm jetting off to warmer weather this evening to see my love. i'm so excited! (photo by mr. m)

i'll try to post while i'm gone (for a whole week!) but i can't make any promises!

oh, and i finished my mobile for the elsie marley mobile swap. actually, i finished it about two weeks ago, but i couldn't decide if i liked it. i let it hang in my house while i mulled it over.

i decided i do like it, and it's getting mailed off today! i hope you like it, swap partner! i can't wait to get mine.

check out some of the other mobiles in the swap here.


Lincoln Writer said...

LOVE the mobile!

I hope you have better things to do this week than blog ...

Krista said...

Welcome back to the land of the sun! See you two very soon!

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