the other jill told me about a lovely online shop her friend recently opened, friago. got to say, i love it! there's lots of pretty jewelry, and it's totally affordable. check it out!

p.s. - the other jill is shooting our wedding. isn't she an awesome photographer?!?

my favorites:


Francisca said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Friago! It's so sweet of you... :) Ill be checking up on your blog from time to time, great stuff! Off to check out your Etsy shop....

Michaela said...

first! I love love love my cozies!!!! the color is perfect! =)
second, I love these new updates.

thank you soooo much! they really are fabulous!

jill said...

thanks francisca, and no problem! i'm so glad jill told me about your site.

and michaela, i'm so glad you love your cozies! that jayhawk was actually fun to make!

Michaela said...

he's super cute!

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Hi, Laura Pohl sent me your way. Cute site!! I will have to keep checking in.


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