stocking stuffers

oh, i am a bad, bad blogger. sorry!

this week i bring you stuffings for your stockings. opening stockings was always my favorite part of christmas morning, maybe because it was the only thing my sisters and i could do while we were waiting for our parents to wake up.


for the crafty person in your life, a glam pincushion by nadelwerk.

we always got a piece of jewelry in our stocking. love this one by madison craft studio.

your wee ones will appreciate this crayon roll-up by kate williams designs.

these scrubbies by cocoa beans are reusuable and environmentally friendly.

this pocket mirror from sparkle paw should lift your spirits every time you use it.

i love this calendar from little brown pen. the best part is, you get the pdf, so you can print as many as you want!


nichole said...

Hi! Great round-up of goodies! Thanks so much for mentioning our calendar!

Lauren said...

opening stockings won't be the same without you this year...

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