etsy favorites: rae dunn

i am so excited. i'm starting pottery classes again this month, after about two years without any pottery making. i'm not really taking classes so much as having open studio time with my dear friend megan, a pottery guru (and fabulous fellow photographer!). i plan to learn a lot from her!

in honor of my upcoming classes, take a look at the gorgeous work of rae dunn. she makes some really amazing stuff, and sells some of it in her etsy shop. these are perfect for that upcoming holiday! also check out her inspiring blog.


rae dunn. said...

jill . . . thanks for this post ! good luck with your clay class and just be careful (it might just take over your life like it did mine !).

Valentina said...

Lovely ideas. I will bookmark this page for when I'm looking for romantic gift ideas

Lila said...

That would be so fun to take a pottery class. Enjoy!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

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