DIY Patio Table

Sorry if I seem a bit heavy on the DIY right now, but I think summer is the perfect time for a few good projects! The hubs and I are in desperate need of some patio furniture. Right now, the two chairs we have outside have been long occupied by the dog (read ruined by the dog). I think it would help to have a table and dining chairs we could push into the table. That way, he wouldn't be tempted :) The only thing standing in the way is our budget.

Voila, I have found a solution! It's rustic, kitschy and elegant all at the same time. A table made from palettes! The folks over at ReadyMade have done it again. Hubs, are you ready for (another) project?? Follow this simple (for anyone buy me) tutorial, and you'll be dining al fresco in no time.

(via Poppytalk Handmade)


Jana Jaehnig said...

i love all your blog posts, keep them coming! this table is awesome! if you decide to make it, i definitely want to see it.

megan said...

i want to do this too!!! i showed bryan just last week :) palette collecting night soon?

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