Pom Poms!

I have made many a pom pom from the Martha Stewart kits. They're pretty, and I love me some Martha. But why buy a kit that costs three times as much as the sum of the raw materials in it? Thanks to the lovely blog Smile and Wave, I can buy inexpensive tissue paper and make them all on my own! And it seems a lot less complicated than the kits. Thanks!


Kim said...

Oh! This is perfect! I decided to make some for my booth at the Farmer's Market next weekend, so I went to Michael's the other day to pick up a Martha pom pom kit and there wasn't one in sight! I was going to try an figure it out on my own...what great timing for this post!

Jill McNamara said...

I'm so glad Kim! Have fun at the market! I miss doing Lincoln's :)

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