Renegade Craft Fair LA - Flock Home

I'm heading to LA on Friday for the Renegade Craft Fair. My best friend lives out there, and said she'd be willing to tag along with me (I really had to twist her arm). To get myself even more excited than I already am, this week I'm posting about the artists whose booths I'm most certainly going to visit. Trust me, there are way more than I have time to write about!

Flock Home has all sorts of fabulous goodies for your house, from lovely tea towels, to pillows to spruce up your couch to hand printed fabric for your next craft project!


Mary Catherine said...

I've been lurking and reading your blog for a while but today I decided to comment.

If you're going to be at Renegade anyway, you should add Emily Sparks Handmade to your list of booths to visit. She's one of those etsy sellers whose shop I look at again and again, trying to find a reason/money to buy :)


love your blog!

Jill McNamara said...

Thanks for the tip Mary Catherine! I will most definitely pay her a visit!! And thanks so much for reading the blog. It's nice to meet you!


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