Shrimp Salad Circus - DIY garden markers

I am slowly but surely starting to grow things in my yard. We have six fruit trees in their first year of growth (read: no fruit for two more years) and while the leaves are currently falling off the grapefruit tree, the rest are doing great! My next move is to put in some raised beds so I can grow all sorts of other tings. I might live in the desert, but that doesn't mean I can't grow things here. I just grow less in the summer, and lots of veggies all winter long!

Once my veggies beds are set up and planted, I'll need something to tell me what the plants will be once the seeds have sprouted (we are going to grow organic and heirloom varieties, so most will start as seeds). I LOVE this tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus for Antique Spoon Plant Markers. Sooo cute! I think I could do that...

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