Paper Lovely

Hello my darling readers! I have not abandoned you. I'm just on a little vacation. I traded in the always sunny skies of Phoenix for the almost always sunny skies of Florida for a week. To tide you over, check out Kim of Paper Lovely's fabulous letterpress cards for the fall season. Lovely!


Kim {Paper Lovely} said...

Thanks so much for the feature, Jill! Hope you're having fun in Florida! I'm actually headed to Tampa in just a few hours to visit my brother! Glad to hear the skies are sunny. :)

such said...

Hi! I just wandered over to your blog to tell you how much I love the photos for the buttons! My email won't send (on the phone with them now...) so haven't been able to email lately. But OMG they look awesome. And so does your blog! I love all the wonderful things you are making and especially the little cupcake banners!
Have fun on your trip! cb

Jill McNamara said...

That's crazy Kim, I'm in Tampa! Have fun!

Thanks Carrie! Let's get together soon!

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