Hello Handmade!

Just announced! Hello Handmade Paperie has just released their 2011 calender, and it's a beauty! I'll let them describe it to you:

"We are so thrilled to be launching our 2011 calendar today, and we wanted to be the first to tell you about it. Featuring the words of Mary Oliver, Shanna Murray's illustrations and Betsy Dunlap's calligraphy, this quiet calendar will make you draw in your breath with it's beauty. This calendar is broken up into seasons, with four separate 7 x 7 panels.

Because we wanted to create something extra special this year, each one is an original. Betsy has penned each and every season with jet black gouache, no two will be exactly the same. We've laid out the seasons so when the bottom two inches are trimmed away, an original 5x7 remains. We love the thought of these quiet, and thoughtful celebrations being kept long after the year has past."


1 comment:

nicole green said...

ooh that's so pretty! i think i'll have to get one! :) thanks for sharing!

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